Peace for the Purposeless

The hardest year of my life, 2022, was ten twelfths of the way through. A stressful cloud of smoke arose as I dealt with a family member passing away, studying for year 12 exams, moving countries and God’s voice no where to be heard, as I was left wondering what my purpose was.

I felt a call to medical missions since I was a young girl in youth group, but it had been buried deep inside me by the pressure the world boxes you into; to finish high school, go to university, get a job and to start a family.

I wondered what the point of all my perseverance was, and found myself procrastinating study with researching the only thing I’d ever really felt drawn to – medicine, to ultimately share the good news of Jesus. Soon enough YWAM (why-wam) flooded into my life to the point where it could not be ignored or written off as a coincidence. Through phone calls, church, friends, online and then it got even crazier! I was invited to a small group every week but was so busy in this stressful time that I could never attend until one week which the ywamers were ‘coincidentally’ in that place at that time on DTS outreach in my town! The Holy Spirit was there with them. That small group reignited the fire of God that had been spoken over my life two years before that. The spark that was barely flickering had caught fire on the word of God once again and my passion for worship powerfully placed within me to praise my creator. I was no longer angry at the Lord but ready to let Him love me, and reveal where He had called me to be in this time.

I couldn’t ignore Gods clear instructions, so I applied for the Medical Discipleship Training School in Kona.

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