Planting Seeds Vision

Lets expose one of my weaknesses… technology is not my strong suit! If you told me a couple weeks ago that I would be making a website and writing blogs to the world I would have said ‘no way’!

I love that God is an abundant father who wants to bless us. So as I lay down my life to serve Him and His people I have laid down my rights to stay comfortable. Growth only comes from the uncomfortable moments that we choose to step out in faith, walking as God takes our hand even when we cannot see what is ahead.

A lot of my journey with hearing God’s voice has been a conversation going something like this…

God: “I want you to do this”

Me: “I don’t really feel like I am the right person for that job”

God: “All I need is your yes, I’ll do the rest”

Me: “Okay God, you can use me but the fruits of this is your responsibility not mine”

For me, this is what it means to lay everything down at the foot of the cross. God uses my yes to transform the spirit of anxiousness and perfectionism, into a platform for His purpose. It is only in my weakness that He can reveal His strength (2 Corinthians 12:2).

The vision God gave me for my outreach on medical missions is a gardener planting seeds of faith.

I saw God going before me and preparing the soil, planning the perfect weather and environment for me to sow seeds of faith in His garden. My job is to go out and plant seeds and His job is to water and provide sunlight. He is the provider and we are called to be the planters. He provides life and all we have to do is go out to the garden and trust He will provide.

Now lets be honest. It’s not always a sunny happy day!

But when the sky gets grey and cloudy has the sun given up on its plants?


In the same way God has not given up on you when clouds of sin divide you from Him.

Has the earth been abandoned in darkness when the sun sets?


In the same way God has not left or forsaken you but we can rely on Him to rise every morning and start the day anew.

Does a plant loose its foundation when the wind blows?


In the same way God provides a strong foundation and rich soil of His Word, the Bible in which we will not be shaken by the world.

As you say yes to being a vessel for God to use, you will see the Lord reap what is sown. You will see plants grow, flowers bud and the seeds you planted go on to plant more seeds to grow the Lords beautiful garden.

The harvest is ready and we have to go, planting seeds of faith to grow the garden.

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