Time Flew!

Time on Earth is such a crazy thing! Time is the only resource God gives us that we can’t get back. I am so grateful that I walk with a God that perfectly places me in the right place at the right time giving me the confidence to know that no moment is wasted! And even when the timing doesn’t make sense to me, He has a divine purpose for every moment unplanned for, planned for or in the waiting.

WOW, time has flown by being at University of the Nations, we leave to the nations in 12 days! Managing time has revealed so much to me here. Learning how much time to invest in the mentors and teachers, in my new friends, in Jesus and in myself has been a balancing game I am still learning but what I know is how valuable this time has been.

This has not been a holiday, it has not been easy! A 50 hour a week schedule has been so exhausting to me physically and mentally and living in one room with nine girls is emotionally tiring! But the most beautiful part of the times I have low energy is the fact that I can still be full spiritually and still be present spiritually. I’ve learnt what it means to love with all my strength and to rely on God for energy, motivation and discipline. I am not the strong one, He is. Every time I have invested into a lecture, conversation or book when I wasn’t feeling like it, something truly beautiful that I needed was revealed to me. God is always speaking to me and pushing me to grow. I have learnt how unreliable my own feelings and thoughts are and to therefore press into Gods feelings and Gods thoughts because why wouldn’t the person that created everything, is everywhere, all knowing and all powerful, know the right way to think and feel.

And this is the beautiful thing! You learn to love God with all your mind and your heart. By thinking more like Him and feeling how He feels. Not leaning on your own understanding but learning His understanding. And this is how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testemant Laws by loving God with all His heart, soul, mind and strength, therefore being perfect and loving us like this too! That is the gospel, learning how to know Gods love and love God by loving others!

The Greatest Command: Luke 10:27 “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’  ; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  ”

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